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Sept 1 2020

Church coordinators: We are still working and praying about what the 2021 convention will look like, so we are not ready to open as usual quite yet.  Please email us at with any thoughts you might have.

Church Coordinators:  The following quick links should help you navigate to specific pages that will be helpful to you.

2021 Registration  – 3 easy steps, and one no so easy step.  

  1. Complete the Church Coordinator Covenant form at this link:   2021 Church Coordinator Covenant     When submitted, you will get a copy as will we, and we will send you the password to the registration portal via email as soon as possible.
  2.  Download the following registration forms for yourself, your students, your observers, and your judges. This year you can customize them to add your own cut off dates to give you time to meet HOALTC deadlines, and remove events that you are not planning to support.
  • Church Coordinator Registration Worksheet 2021
  • Student Registration Worksheet 2021
  • Observer Registration Worksheet 2021
  • Volunteer Registration Worksheet 2021

3. Wait until you have all the forms completed, then enter them in the registration portals shown below. Use the links below only one time. If you need to add or change registrations, use the link in step 4 below. 

  •  Registration Portal for Coordinators, Students, and Observers    You will need the password we sent you after completing the covenant.  If you use the same email address as last year, you will have the same account.
  • Registration Portal for Judges, Ambassadors and Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz Scorers You will need the password we sent you after completing the covenant.  If you use the same email address as last year, you will have the same account.

4. The not so easy step – Revising existing registrations

Only use the above two links in step 3 one time each. If you need to add students or observers or volunteers  or revise any information in the portal,  use the link below to sign on using the password you used when you set up your account. There is a method to retrieve your password if you forgot it.

We moved to this registration system for the 2018 convention because the custom made system for LTC was not supported at the level we felt comfortable with.  Since it is not custom made for us, it is not as easy as the old one.  Please don’t get frustrated, it is very easy for us to make changes for you if needed  since we do it all the time, just send to As you might expect, as system administrators we have different ways to update the system than you do.

Use the link below to access registration accounts you have set up this year. If you used the same email as prior years, you will see prior years registrations also.

Manage My HOALTC Registration Portal Accounts


2021 Convention Information   


Additional information about the new rules for Sign Language starting in 2020 and the Video and Audio clips of  Scriptures and Songs that will be used  for judging Sign Language selections have been moved to


2021 Documents: 

2021 Forms:

  • Pre-Convention Challenge Event Medal Request  (record keeping forms are in the Manual)
  • Special Accommodations and Considerations For students requiring special event accommodations or judging considerations, please complete by the event registration deadline.
  •  HOALTC Scholarship Application Form – See Scholarship web page

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