Church Coordinator Code of Ethics


  1. LTC is for the growth and spiritual development of our youth. The LTC preparation must be the participant’s own work. Guidance, resources, and encouragement must be provided so those participants can develop their own ideas.
  2. Coordinators must place their emphasis on participation and effort rather than on competition and winning.  Lesser value comes from winning; maximum value comes from hard work and best efforts.
  3. Coordinators should make certain that all adults and youth understand and comply with the rules of participation in LTC events.
  4. Coordinators that see the need for improvement should seek to bring this about in a positive way, remembering that our young people learn how to handle conflict and difficulty from our example.
  5. Church Coordinators must emphasize servant leadership.  It is not enough to teach public communication skills, but additionally, we must model and teach leadership through servanthood.
  6. Church Coordinators should encourage the youth to be integrated into the overall involvement of the church.  Our youth need responsibilities now that give them important roles and allow them to contribute to the church.
  7. Church Coordinators need to communicate these ideas to all parents, church leaders, and youth.