2020 Manual

The above February 2020 revision to the manual updates page 5 only. Cutoff dates were moved later as per email sent to the Church Coordinators.  The reference to King rooms with two rollaways was removed, and price of table in Hall A was reduced to $5 from $10.


Please review all the rules and rubrics for the events you are planning to participate in,  but these are some changes we wanted to highlight.  We will be posting the event sections later this fall below.

  •  New Event – Please check out our new pre-convention challenge event Christian Conversations.
  •  Sign Language – If you have students interested in participating in Sign Language, the rules have been updated this year to be more student friendly. Do review them, and contact the Event Coordinator  if questions. See additional information on
  •  Christian Art  – This year on a trial basis, we are allowing students to have up to 2 entries instead of just one. Each entry must be a different medium, and the registration portal will require that. This is based on many requests over the years, so we will try it.
  •  Display Events will be open for public viewing for an hour on Friday night after Kick-off.
  • Pre-convention writing events – submission must be by regular mail or delivery service – not by email. A larger number of paper copies is required than previously. We have tried email handling of entries for several years and it has become a major burden to the event coordinators and judges, both in time and expense.