Hotel & Parking

Hotel information has been removed, a new hotel page is being built for 2019 convention.



Parking is available at McGee and Pershing in the Pershing Parking garage. This is a business lot, and parking is free if you leave after 6 PM on Friday or all day Saturday or Sunday.

Please spread the word of this free parking.  Every year we get comments from Parents and Observers that they did not know this information. Of course, the hotel front desk agent can not mention it.

Sheraton: Drive South on McGee, you will literally drive straight into the garage.
Westin:  The Hotel is at the SW corner of Pershing and Grand. Drive East on Pershing, crossing Grand, the next block is McGee. Turn right into the garage.


While there is FREE parking (see above), some families might choose to park at the hotel. Our contracted rate at the hotel through 2020 is $15 per day for self-parking.

When checking in at the hotel front desk, the agent will are going to park at the hotel,  and then apply $15 to your room after providing a credit card  if you say yes. The agent will explain how you will enter and exit the garage during your stay.


Please register the number of oversize vehicles you have in the registration portal (no cost)  so we can tell the hotel how many to expect. Oversize parking is located in a business lot at 27th and Warwick. This parking is free for those needing to park oversized vans and buses. From the Sheraton entrance, turn left (south) and proceed to the light. Make a left turn at the light until 27th Street. At 27th Street, turn right and proceed 2 blocks to Warwick street and the parking lot entrance.