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HOALTC offers two events that test Bible knowledge: Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz.

New for 2011: How do I use this Study Guide?

For optimal preparation for each event, please refer to the questions in the Official HOALTC Romans and James Study guide identified in the following chart:

 Mulitple Choice Section Review   What Chapter?”
 3rd – 6th Grade Bible Bowl  ** X
 7th – 12th Grade Bible Bowl  X X
 All Bible Quiz X X X

** 3rd – 6th Grade Bible Bowl participants who opt to compete in the “Open Division Round”
with 7th – 9th graders should also study the Section Review Questions

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The Official HOALTC Study Guide for Romans & James

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  to download the Complete Official Student Edition

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Sections and Chapters
Student Edition Introduction & Table of Contents

Multiple choice questions

Section 1
Romans 1-4 
Section 2
Romans 5-8  
Section 3
Romans 9-12 
Section 4
Romans 13-16 
Section 5
James 1-5
 Romans  1  Romans  5  Romans  9  Romans  13  James  1
 Romans  2  Romans  6  Romans  10  Romans  14  James  2
 Romans  3  Romans  7  Romans  11  Romans  15  James  3
 Romans  4  Romans  8  Romans  12  Romans  16  James  4
         James  5
Section Review Section Review Section Review Section Review Section Review
 What Chapter?  What Chapter?  What Chapter?  What Chapter?  What Chapter?

Additional Resources which may be used for Study:

1)  Above you will find an access to interactive web-based games and quizzes created from HOALTC Study Guide questions
2)  HOALTC selected multiple choice questions from an exhaustive bank of multiple choice questions submitted by volunteers from across the U.S..   The Official HOALTC Study Guide questions were tailored to the audience (3rd – 12th grade students).  The Basic and Advanced Exhaustive Editions have been published as optional study resources and can be accessed via the following links:

Click here –  to download the Basic Exhaustive Questions
Click here –  to download the Advanced Exhaustive Questions
Click here –  to download the Exhaustive Editions Teacher Guide


Bible Bowl



Bible Quiz


Individual Participation Team Participation
Closed Bible Exam Open Bible Exam *
Up to 100 Multiple Choice Questions 300 Questions in various formats

Emphasis on memorized facts

Emphasis on locating information


*   The what chapter round is closed Bible

Please Note: The books of Romans and James will be the focus of HOALTC studies for our 2011 convention. We will return to the more typical LTC study rotation with Genesis for 2012. For more information regarding this decision please visit

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