HOALTC 2021: Fresh Start

The Books of Romans and James

Starting Friday April 2 in Kansas City, and perhaps your location if we can’t all meet in one place.


Fresh Start.   Romans provides a clear picture of the life we have because we belong to Jesus.  God has given us the gift of his forgiveness, freedom from sin and hope for the future.  It is because of Christ, we have the opportunity of a fresh start, setting a totally new direction — a new mindset — from our sinful nature to a mindset led by the Spirit, yielding life and peace.  James provides us with practical calls to action in living out our faith, so that others may see Jesus in our actions and that they too may desire the joy and hope that comes with a fresh start.



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We believe that we have wrapped up the 2020 convention, and all awards have been requested. If you still need assistance with 2020, please contact us at ltc@hoaltc.org if we can help you in any way.


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