September 1 2021

PRE -Registration Portal opens for Church Coordinators. Complete this with basic information so you will be added to our email diistribution list. When you complete PRE Registraiton, you will receive a confirmation email that contatains the Registration password. 

September 1  2021

Registration opens for church coordinators. Please enter complete registration information for the Church Coordinator, Students, and Observers. Observers are anyone not staying in a sudent's room and/or needs a T shirt. 

Song Leading and Sign Language selections published.
Study Guide published.

February 6 2022

Scholarship Application deadline

February 14 2022

February 21 2022

Registration & Payment deadline (Event & Hotel)
Parent & Observer T-shirt Order deadline

DropBox links sent to Church Coordinators for the students enrolled in Pre-Convention events that are submitted via Dropbox 

March 7 2022

Pre-Convention Event Submission Deadline

March 14 2022

Hotel and Event Registration corrections deadline. Rooming list due to hotel.

April 8 2022

Pre-convention Challenge Event Medal Request Deadline

April 2 to April 15 2022

Judges view on line training videos for their events.

April 15-16 2022

HOALTC Convention. 

May 15 2022

Award correction requests sent to