Church Coordinators Refresher

  1. Church Coordinator pre-registration form. This is to tell us you are planning to participate in 2022, and to send you the password to the complete registration site when it is up later this month. As a Church Coordinator, you will give us additional information about you and your church on the registration site.
  2. Manual registration forms. These are forms for you to hand out to your students, observers ( grandparents or others who may need a room or T shirt separately from a student), and yourself.  You will not send these forms to us, but use the forms to organize your information prior to entering it into the registration system. Note we left a place for you to enter your deadlines so you the entry can be submitted to us by the date shown on the Dates and Deadlines link under Quick Links.
  3. 2022 Study Guide.  The first ten chapters of the Genesis Study Guide are available for you to use.  Stay tuned for the complete study guide later this month.
  4. 2022 Convention ManualDuring our Board retreat this summer, we prayerfully considered changes to HOALTC that we believe will strengthen the use of LTC at your congregation and assist with the continual progression of growth in your students.  Please see List of changes – HOALTC