2024 Parking update

As of March 2023, there is no longer any free parking anywhere in Crown Center, except in the oversize lot for oversize vehicles.  At the bottom are the normal Crown Center parking fees. We don’t want you to pay those charges, so please review the below carefully and take advantage of the discounted charges that apply to each family that will be parking in your group. 

For those staying at the hotel,  your best deal is to park at the hotel you are staying at. The entrance for the Sheraton is just north of the Sheraton hotel lobby, for the Westin just  underneath the Westin lobby.  The cost per our contract with the hotel is $15 per night for standard size vehicles. When you have your room key, go to the front desk and tell them you want to add parking to your room, and how many nights. They will charge your credit card and explain how it works, including if you need to leave and come back in during your stay.  The car must exit by 6 PM of the last day of the guest stay. 

For those not staying at the hotel, your best deal is to park at the Sheraton hotel, the entrance is just north of the Sheraton hotel lobby, since it is nearest to the majority of the events. The cost is $15 per day for standard size vehicles.  Only one exit is allowed, you must keep the ticket received when entering the garage.

We prefer to coordinate this with the Church coordinators each year, but of course will support a last minute grandparent walk up with cash or check at LTC Central.  We know your church may be in Wichita and you are staying at the hotel, but grandparents may live in Kansas City and only come for the day

When you are ready to leave the garage, take your parking ticket you received when entering the garage  and the validation slip purchased to the hotel  garage exit station and follow these two easy steps:

  • Insert your parking ticket
  • To pay for your stay, scan your parking validation slip purchased from us, only one validation slip is accepted


Oversize parking – for Busses see below 

Oversize parking is located in a business lot at 27th and Warwick. This parking is free for those needing to park oversized vans and buses. From the Sheraton entrance, turn left (south) and proceed to the light. Make a left turn at the light and drive to 27th Street; the street bends to the right and heads south. At 27th Street, turn right and proceed 2 blocks to Warwick Trafficway; the parking lot is on the southwest corner of 27th and Warwick Trafficway.  Try 2705 Warwick Trafficway, Kansas City MO on your favorite map application.

Google map for Oversize Parking location

Google maps direction from Sheraton to Oversize Parking Location

This lot is not guarded, but “watched”, probably a drive by from time to time. Please take anything valuable into the hotel with you, even if it is not visible. 


Bus parking

Busses can not park in oversize parking, several weeks in advance paid permission is required from the city for bus parking. Please contact [email protected] to get the process started.

Crown Center Parking Fees as of March 2024 from  Crown Center parking information

Rates may change based on special events in the area.

If you don’t have a validation slip, standard parking rates apply. Cash, credit and debit cards are accepted.

  • 0–1/2 hour: $7
  • ½–1 hour: $11
  • 1–2 hours: $12
  • 2–3 hours: $13
  • 3–4 hours: $14
  • 4-5 hours: $15
  • 5–6 hours: $16
  • 6–24 hours: $25
  • Lost Ticket Charge: $25