Limited Quantity of Hard Copies Available: Coordinators and teachers, if you would like to receive a single printed copy of the 1 Samuel Study Guide (including both student and teacher editions), please contact us at [email protected]. The guide is free, and postage is $4, to be paid via Paypal.

Each year, HOALTC provides a study guide to help students prepare for the Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz. This year’s guide features questions from the book of 1 Samuel. Questions have been derived from the New International Version of the Holy Bible, © 2011.

Web-based Games featuring Study Guide questions can be found by clicking here. Choose the Heart of America – Kansas City region if you would like to encounter ONLY questions found in the HOALTC Study Guide.

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1 Samuel Study Guide, Teacher Edition

1 Samuel Study Guide, Student Edition

1 Samuel Study Guide Answer Key

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