HOALTC provides study guides each year to support Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz participants as they prepare for these events. Please refer to the Introduction for copyright information, and the HOALTC Manual for event rules.

Romans James Study Guide Student Edition 2021

Romans James Study Guide Teacher Edition 2021



For her LTC Leadership Challenge, Katie from Kansas City has created Kahoot! games, based upon the 2021 Romans and James Study Guide to help students prepare for Bible Bowl or Bible Quiz.  The HOALTC Board is very appreciative of Katie’s work and her willingness to share it with us!  Below are links that you can use to access these games.


Romans 1

Romans 2

Romans 3

Romans 4

Chapter Review over Romans 1-4

Romans 5

Romans 6

Romans 7

Romans 8

Chapter Review over Romans 5-8

Romans 9

Romans 10

Romans 11

Romans 12

“What Chapter?” Review Questions for Romans 9-12

Romans 13

Romans 14

Romans 15

Romans 16

What Chapter? Review Questions for Romans 13-16


James 1

James 2

James 3

James 4

James 5

“What Chapter?” Review Questions for James 1-5