Dear Church Coordinators

We have been working for several weeks trying to determine how to make this process the easiest for you. We are using DropBox because it is cost effective, fairly easy to use, and has many existing users.

If you don’t have one already, please get the free Dropbox application on the device you are going to upload the files from, using the email address you want us to give access to your folder to. We are not sure this process will work if you (or your coach or student, see below) don’t do this. 

You may not have your DropBox link from the past.  If you don’t, please send an email to ltc@hoaltc.org and we will send it to you.  If you already planned to have a coach help you with this or students upload themselves, we think that is a great plan.  You can either send us an email with their name and email address and which  folders they need access to (see below) or have them send us an email.  For security reasons, we are expecting them to mention your church number and name, the password that you used for the registration system this year and copy you on the request.

Each church has a separate folder for each year.In the 2020 folder:

  1. The first folder is labeled Church Coordinator info.  If you are judging any events locally, this is where you will find the Rubrics that you will need.  Download the file for the event from the Rubrics folder  and print 3 copies of the Rubrics  you need.  About a week before your planned event, please give your judges a copy of the Event rules, including the Rubric, along with any  Special Needs forms for the students they will be judging and have them watch the training video so it will be fresh in their minds. The link to the training videos are on the menu on the left side of the main hoaltc.org  page so they will be easy for the judges to find. They can view on their cell phone, they have to scroll down to see the menus for the videos.
  2. The second folder is for anything encouraging you would like us to consider for sharing with the HOALTC family.  It could be works of students, videos of how you celebrated HOALTC at your local congregation, videos of students being servant leaders, etc. By posting content here, you are giving us permission to share it with the HOALTC family  via videos or our www.hoaltc.org  and Facebook communication channels.  With the exception of Display events, we will not be sharing works uploaded for judging unless they are also uploaded here. Please upload here any display events that you want us to share that we are not judging for you.
  3. The next 3 folders are for uploading  the Pre-Convention events that are submitted using Dropbox. See the event rules for the instructions regarding information that should accompany the submission.
  4. The next 8 folders are for uploading  Display Events. We will compile any of the Display event files into a media that can be shared with the HOALTC family, unless that you request it not be shared.  See below for instructions on how to name each file.
  5. The next 5 folders are for uploading the Convention events. We are able to support Bible Reading, Sermon Delivery, Sign Language, Song Leading and Speech.  We are expecting many Sign Language videos to be uploaded (remember to view instructions at hoaltc.org/sl), and we are able to coordinate judging for any of the others. See below for instructions on how to name each file.

Judging is not all or nothing for each event. We are glad to support judging some students  virtually while you do some locally for the same event. As always, we will confidentially distribute any Special Needs form to the Event Coordinators to share with the judges assigned to that student.

After the deadline for each event to be completed (see Calendar) we will copy your uploaded files to the files for the Event Coordinators to distribute to their judges. The file naming for each file must be as below so we handle them correctly. Display events require additional information to be submitted on an index care with the artwork, please submit that additional information as a document in the format shown below at the same time.  We don’t need team sheets for team events, we will order the number of medals for you based on the number of students in the file name.


Church 500 Maple Ridge has two events to upload to be judged, one Sign Language and one a team Banner. The file names are as shown below

Sign Language – Single student

Video  500-MapleRidge-SignLanguage-JaneDoe-Video.xxx  (xxx is file type)

Document (if this was a display event)  500-MapleRidge-DisplayEventName-JaneDoe-Document.pdf   (We prefer PDF, but will convert Word documents. Don’t send links to google documents)

Banner (2 students on team)

Photo or Video  500-MapleRidge-Banner-Team1-2students.xxx (xxx is file type for photo or video)

Document  500-MapleRidge-Banner-Team1-Document.pdf   (We prefer PDF, but will convert Word documents. Don’t send links to google documents)


When all local judging is completed, please complete the form at 2020 award submission. It has the same password and format as the registration system.  We will only be asking for the number of and level (gold, silver, etc.) of medals for each event.  When you receive the medals back from us, you can use the rubrics and scoring sheets you kept locally to match to the medals to.   If you have any corrections after you submit the form, please email to awards@hoaltc.org with the medals needed and where to send them and Mary Beth will help.

Please contact ltc@hoaltc.org if questions.  We are available by phone many evenings and weekends if that will work better, just send us an email and we will coordinate a time for a call.