2018 Manual


2018 HOALTC Manual 


Please send questions about the event to the Event Coordinator, see Event Coordinator page for name and contact email. Send general questions to ltc@hoaltc.org


Pre-Convention: Creative Writing

Children’s Book

Christian Essay

Christian Fiction

Christian Poetry

Pre-Convention: Digital Media

Christian Podcast

Digital Presentation

Video Bible Drama

Video Production

Web Design

Pre-Convention: Music

Song Writing

Pre-Convention Challenge: Outreach

Outreach Challenge

Service Challenge

Pre-Convention Challenge: Personal Growth

Leadership Challenge

Prayer Journal Challenge

Scripture Memory Challenge

Pre-Convention Challenge: Public Participation

Bible Reading Challenge

Teaching Challenge

Worship Leadership Challenge


Convention: Display

Bulletin Board

Christian Art

Drawing Rubric

Mixed Media Rubric

Painting Rubric

Sculpture Rubric

Christian Banner

Christian Photography


Convention: Bible Knowledge/Reading

Bible Bowl

Bible Quiz

Bible Reading

Convention: Music


Song Leading

Convention: Performance

Live Christian Drama


Convention: Public Communication

Sermon Delivery

Signing for the Deaf