Scholarship Application fill in form is at this link:  2019 Scholarship Application

HOALTC provides opportunities for high school participants to receive scholarships from various sources. Applicants  must register for the Scholarship Event to be considered. Opportunities are:

  • The HOALTC Outstanding Senior Scholarship: These scholarships are awarded to at least one deserving graduating 12th  grade student each year  by the HOALTC Board of Directors. The scholarship may be used towards tuition or other expenses at any accredited college or university.  The Board may, at their discretion, award  additional  Outstanding Senior  Scholarships in varying amounts.
  • Christian  College and University Scholarships: HOALTC facilitates the awarding of scholarships to students planning  to attend Abilene Christian University, Oklahoma Christian University, Harding University, David Lipscomb  University, and York College. The scholarships are made available by the schools themselves, and there  may be restrictions regarding the use of these funds. Consult  the individual schools for details.

9th  – 12th  grade HOALTC participants are eligible to apply for Christian  College  and University Scholarships. HOALTC kindly requests that students only apply for Christian college  scholarships from colleges they are actively considering. Please note that some schools restrict scholarships to students of certain grades that may change from year to year; see scholarship form or contact the college  for the most current information.

  • Truman State  University Christian  Leadership Scholarship: The Kirksville, MO church  of Christ offers a HOALTC scholarship to Truman  State University to a student who will be actively involved in their student ministry. See for more information.

Scholarship Application Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated by a committee comprised of experienced Christians who are:

  • Not members of the HOALTC board.
  • Have  no children who are eligible for any of these scholarships.
  • Are experienced in evaluating Christian  leadership.

A member of the Board of Directors will remove personally-identifying information from each application prior to delivering them to the evaluating committee to ensure fairness. Questions or concerns about  the evaluation process may be directed to this individual, who is listed on the Board of Directors page at

Submission Process

Students must complete the form above and email in PDF only to Students should  complete review the application early so that required signatures can  be acquired.

Email  submission Deadline: Monday, February 4, 2019. 

Awards  Notification

Church  Coordinators will be contacted the week of the convention if a student from their congregation has been selected for a scholarship award.   Scholarships are awarded at the Closing  Celebration at the conclusion of the convention.