Study Guide 2017

The study guide linked below relates to the April 2017 Convention. An updated I Samuel Study Guide for HOALTC 2018 will be provided here in September, 2017.

HOALTC Study Guide: The Book of Acts

Each year, HOALTC provides a study guide to help students prepare for the Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz.  This year’s guide features 504 questions over the 28 chapters of the book of Acts. Questions have been derived from the New International Version of the Holy Bible, © 2011.

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Acts Study Guide, Student Edition

Acts Study Guide, Teacher Edition

For your convenience, individual student chapters are provided below:

Acts 1

Acts 2

Acts 3

Acts 4

Acts 5

Acts 6

Acts 7

Acts 8

Acts 9

Acts 10

Acts 11

Acts 12

Acts 13

Acts 14

Acts 15

Acts 16

Acts 17

Acts 18

Acts 19

Acts 20

Acts 21

Acts 22

Acts 23

Acts 24

Acts 25

Acts 26

Acts 27

Acts 28


“What Chapter?” Questions

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